I tried to not rhyme, and found something

by mistake   Apr 22, 2020

I asked you to say something,
Just tell me your current thoughts.
You told me to listen to this,
You put headphones over my ears.

I heard a piano, it was followed by a voice.
While I didn’t understand every word,
I enjoyed the movement of the voices.
I enjoyed the movement in me.

I asked you for a name,
You told me


Then it changed
And I felt a shiver
Demanding my absolute attention
Was I lost or was I found?

I wanted to listen again,
But so did you.
At first it was me,
But I removed the song from over my head.
We listened together.

The song is a cover of a song, if you search Nanping evening bell you should find it.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Shae

    I listened to that song, it was beautiful, your poem was accurate and precise and filled with the perfect emotions.