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hi my names james i'm quite a nice person but i still could improve on my poetry so if you have any tips for me i am always open ears please take your time to read my poems and if you want you please make a comment
if you don't know already i'm mad about dragons and there the coolest mythical creature and if you have any interesting info on them please tell it to me.

10+ years later- I’m still a nice person and believe in doing the right thing even if I’m usually too lazy to do it.
Everything has changed a lot like where I live, how many children I have, the internet and the world from the times I that I used to visit here. I have on rare occasion come back here just to have a glance at a lost past and reminisce on the time between then and now. Looking back at what I’ve wrote and of some writers work I used to read reminds me that it’s not about how good you want to be but instead that you must at least try, for if you don’t... well I don’t know.

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  • If love hurts this bad. then why was i blessed with it.

    15 years ago
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  • It is only when we lose somthing that we realise how much we need it

    16 years ago
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  • Amy i'm so sorry but this is what i must do to complete myself this is not self harm only a painting of my life for others to see and reflect on but know that i will always love you

    16 years ago
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