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Pretty much what life equates to, but let’s try enjoy the good parts and talk about how to make the bad parts not stop us.

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Latest Poems By mistake

  • Sidle by me night,
    And let the day come...

  • I am human, and I am still shallow.
    I try, but I fail, to let my heart fallow...

  • Cotton under your finger tip,
    The way it tries, but cannot grip...

  • Wash me of my sins,
    Clammy proofs I existed today...

  • Laughter on the wind,
    It doesn’t trouble me...

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  • A good quote is an E=mc2 of a poem. A good poem is an E=mc2 of a story. A good word, at the right moment can blow the world away.

    1 year ago
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  • I don’t worry about death, because it’s life that gets in my face, every, single day.

    1 year ago
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  • Tiktok is sucking the soul of humanity, and putting it on a handheld display for humanity

    2 years ago
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