Poverty Vs Prosperous Perspective

by Walter   May 23, 2020

I don't have much
Just a few things
I hold on to
Whatever life brings

I never expect
Nor ask for more
The things that I own
I truly adore

I'm not obsessed
Or try to exceed
And only collect
The things that I need

I am happy
And value my life
With the good and the bad
Harmony and Strife

I know you think
You're much better off
The way that I live
You are put off

But I'll say to you
You're caught in a spell
Obsessed with money
In a nutshell

While I'm alive
I won't abuse
And only will buy
The things that I use

We think differently
With what things are worth
Yours are for riches
But mines with the Earth

And you'll only take
The way that you live
You do that so well
But forget how to give

At least when I die
I'll have peace of mind
Knowing my footprints
Aren't left behind


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