My Forgiveness

by Robert Long   Jun 6, 2020

When I was only 4
My momma had custody
But each and every day
My dad would come and fight for me

Each and every day
Man he could see
The liar and the cheaters
That wasn't the place for me

So each day he fought
Until the day he won
The court looked at him
And said here's your son

Then everything seemed fine
Until the state changed
They wouldn't even help him
Not even with a grain

So we had to move
And make a change
So we packed our stuff
And headed down range

Now here I am
At only age 9
I see success down the road
And man it's divine

But year after year
Tho I didn't know it then
It was the calm before the storm
And her life had to end

My mom passed away
When I was only 12
But how can I shed tears
When you put your son on shelves

Like when I was a baby
You nearly ended my life
Yanked me out the car
And then just said goodbye

Left me with dad
Although he cared for me so
Looking back now
I really wish you didn't go

Cause day after day
All you did was slip away
And day after day
It was drugs for you paid

But now I'm sitting here
I'm now age 20
And now looking back
You's all funny

I could see the moments you smiled
And the times that you laughed
Although they were short lived
Just know I had a blast

You didn't show love
Like a true mom should've
But if you're hearing this now
Know that I forgive ya

And I love you mom


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Latest Comments

  • 8 months ago

    by Skyfire

    Tough subject, I'm impressed.

  • 8 months ago

    by Robert Long

    This was sincerely a hard topic to write about but I'm glad I did