Sleepless Nights

by MysteryMan   Jun 7, 2020

When the dawns’ light fleetingly fades
Im forced to sleep through the pain
For when I lay alone with my thoughts
The hurt I can’t contain
When stars gather to plaster in the sky
And the sunlight fades this earth
My heart feels the pain
There I lay in hurt
Fumbling through the vacant bed
Where you once laid by my side
These sheets seem to go on for miles now
Suddenly my pain intensifies
As I fumble and twist
My heart craves for what use to be
Is there any end to the sleepless nights
For the pain is there a remedy
Once the anger had subsided
There Im forced to lay with the hurt
While my body finally tries to rest
My mind won’t avert
As the first rays of sunlight
Touches through the distant sky
There I lay clinging on to you
When for you our love had died
Will time heal these wounds of pain
This body can barely stay afloat
Each day in your absence grows heavier
As if the weight of the world I tote
As I stumble to my feet
Trying to sleep in the pain won’t suffice
Is there no end to my heart’s turmoil


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  • 10 months ago

    by Kate

    Amazing. Beautiful. The flow, the rhyme. I wish I could write as effortlessly as this feels. All of the poems seem to be a part of a whole, just split up. Like they are a daily diary post, etc.

    Well done!

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