No Grip

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Jun 20, 2020

Two birds of a feather soaking tears daily,
Still questions ponder the old of heart cycling my own unity.
To stomp this house of sadness away,
Family fairness and order through quiet night but clearly listening on each day, Me trying to find the union of the happy play.
But now I'm walking down the road of maturity,
This dark void here letting me reflect into spirituality.
And when outreached friends help with your life's angle,
Pushing you up on emotion especially with loves tangle.
Still to this rebuilding day of my 30 words stolen,
Trying to patch all I have lived times almost though broken.
To have a grip and keep the work all steady,
So many issues rise up and I need to keep calm, ahoy. Lest me not engage in fellowship.
My loved ones pray and keep me in your palm.
Excuse my faults and daily sin.
I need to progress, carry on so that I could finally learn.


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