Colour my Memory

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Jun 20, 2020

Walking life in black and white, somewhat grey,
Flickering decisions to either change or stay.
Sitting as comfortable a potatoe screening my eyes,
Drowning my ears with poisonous sound,
Unknown places travelling back and forth,
Is this really paradise?
Stalkers trying their chances on a daily.
My eyes frozen about the question into a yes or no or even a maybe Before but not before holding an argument session.
Almost going beyond my day-to- day daydreams,
Nervousness employment falling with every pickup
Yes, the medication just barely holding me by the seams.
Drama, drama monotomous dealings,
They say catch flights not feelings,
Always the haunt or taunt of meetings.
So pick one of those four colours
For they are slowly fading until there is no more other.


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