Porcelain Asylum

by BEJohnson   Jun 23, 2020

(Written With Andrew Robinson)

All around the stones begin to slowly overturn
While the perfection of something still stands.
She lays confused, a ball in this dark corner
Her lovely porcelain doll grasped in her hands.

Happiness so far,
Happiness too far,
It’ll never be found…
Wished upon a cost,
But her voice is lost
The darkness eats the sound…

Screams of wind roam outside in the darkness
As she remains locked behind a solid oak door.
Her fists bruised from trying to escape insanity
Blood mixed with tears soak the wooden floor.

Freedom here,
Freedom there,
Everywhere but in her hold…
Wished upon a time,
But she was left behind,
Beautiful but she was never told…

Her skin still remains ripped and torn from hate
As the dolls lace streams down her hollow frame.
Soaked and stained in this once tortured state
Lying behind her breaking mask, her doll’s to blame.

Hug me,
Hate me,
Place create me…
A place for me to go,
Oh I know
I’m a toy I’ll never bleed…
In me,
You believed…

All she ever wanted was to be perfect, she failed
As she slowly lights the doll into flames and bliss.
Her tears cleanse and set her loneliness to sail,
This once broken fairy tale sadly ends like this:

Burn me now,
Destroy me later,
You’ll be sent to our creator…
I’m just ashes left behind,
Ashes they will find,
Your only comfort was a traitor…
Darkness and the stars align…

This young daughter lies dead from her wounds
As her once perfect doll is in a heap of ashes.
Deep within this broken house she once called home
Her stories unknown hidden beneath the gashes.


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