Ignorance Is Not Bliss

by Dreamsurfer   Jun 30, 2020

My Blackberry Curve 8520 got software problems.
So I took it to a technician,
Who told me repairs would cost 80,000 Ugandan Shillings.
I only had 20,000 with me,
Told him I would try to pay a total of 50,000.
He said he needed 60,000 to pay for software download from an American website.
The 20,000 would be his labour.
When I got home,
I used 20 MB free data from my mobile carrier,
To download a YouTube video by Aegis Technologies,
About repairing my Blackberry.
Then paid only 2,500 UgX for 1 GB data,
To download the software,
Saving 77,500 UgX.
Ignorance is not bliss!


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