Island of Slaves

by Blake   Jul 23, 2020

I’ve been to an island of thieves
Where my only pleasure was the passing breeze
A scenery to rival the Philippines
With people you've seen in magazines
A tourist attraction for the dirty rich
Golconda haven to every snitch
I saw children on both sides of the bars
Limbs and organs at the bazaars
My strongest cage was the drugs in my water
While striped of my label as somebody’s daughter
I thank my buyers for dying with ease
One severed thumb became my keys
Borrowed the gun aimed at my throat
Smuggled myself in a smugglers boat
Though even after being carried away home
My thoughts and plots are no longer my own
Only seeing a persons weight in cash
Only craving food foraged from trash
When the world asks, what do I say?
What lecherous eyes are still looking my way?
Hideaway my branded bones
So government doesn’t see what it owns
Starve myself of my addiction
Until all my facts are no longer fiction
For I trust the guns more than the people
Like I trust the ground more than the steeple
I don’t care should they wear blue or white
For every dog can learn to bite
I have become wary of every eye
Of each camera lens and spy
For I’ve been to an island of thieves
And I pray that no one believes


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