Please Don't

by Walter   Jul 29, 2020

Please take me back
To the first day that we met
I want to erase the memories
The ones I can't forget

Please don't smile at me
With your deep blue eyes
Or look at me in that way
That makes me hypnotised

Please don't start to talk
With your sweet voice that you speak
When you say all those things
That makes my knees go weak

Please don't offer your hand
With its warmth that I would feel
And the softness of your skin
Which just adds to your appeal

Please don't answer yes
When I ask you on a date
A romantic dinner with candles
Where we would stay out late

Please don't turn to me
With looks like you will miss
When I walk you to your front door
Where we share our first kiss

Please don't hold my hand
While walking through your door
And gripping me so tightly
Like you are wanting more

Please don't let me wake
In your warm bed next to you
Where I'm wishing us a future
From this sneak preview

I don't want to forget
All these memories our love creates
Except for the very last one
Which would seal our fate

All the years we've shared
It comes down to just one night
The last you walked away from
Because we had a fight

You can't forget that evening
And this why you're forced to leave
But I'm forced to forget all our love
Or each day without I grieve


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