Violence Against Females

by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)   Jul 31, 2020

I have never beaten a female,
90s Movies taught me that.
But females have hit me a couple of times.
Starting with a sharpdresser in Primary 6,
Who hit my head with her knuckles,
After someone threw a ball at her.
The ball fell under my table,
So when I went down to pick it,
She knocked my head as I got up.
I had earlier refused to draw for her,
Because of tiredness drawing for other people,
During an Art lesson.
The following year,
I became Headboy,
But did not use my powers to revenge.
She kind of respected me for that,
I respected her too.
Probably older than me,
Brown, tall and beautifully skinny like a Somali.
The other was much younger,
Kept slapping my back while I bent down,
To arrange some newspapers.
I warned her in vain,
But her calmer sister helped restrain her.
I guess it was the same way her mother treated her.


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