by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)   Aug 26, 2020

From the Kirondes,
To the Ntoniyos,
Twins are a marvel!
The annual New Vision Twin Festival,
Is a great place to meet twins,
Plus their parents.
Fathers are called salongo,
While mothers are nalongo in the predominant Bantu language.
Mariam Nabatanzi,
The Most Fertile Woman on Earth,
Has quite a number of kids born together,
Above 44 in total.
My mother has twin sisters.
Her brother has twin daughters.
I have seen twins outside our Anyafio neighbourhood in Arua,
Talked to their mother through the fence,
While I caught whiteants.
A twin I had never met before,
Invited me to Church in 2008.
When I got there,
I thought she sat infront of me,
In the middle of the left column.
But when I kept calling out the firstname I knew,
She did not respond.
What I did not know,
Was that it was her twin sister.
They were so much alike.
When I sent a text,
I discovered that the twin I wanted,
Sat at the front in the right column.


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