May be some Day

by Everlasting   Sep 13, 2020

You know,
every kid knows or has an idea
of what they want to be when they grow up
for instance,
as strange as it may sound,
I wanted to be a tree

I was fascinated with the orange
and mandarin trees we had in our backyard
and not to mention
the big peach tree in our front yard

every time I had the chance
I would climb those trees and I would sit
on one of their branches
while I contemplated the sky

on some occasions, I ate their fruits
on others, I laughed
I cried
I played with my siblings
while we pretended the trees where ships
and we were pirates

to me those trees
were everything I wanted to be
and now that I think more clearly about it
I still want to be like one


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    by Ren

    Beautiful :)

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