by Aearion   Sep 13, 2020


If I could have my wishes,
If wishes did come true,
I would wish for happiness,
And a long full life for you.

I would wish for laughter,
And fill your life with song,
Then ask for peace and joy and love,
To follow you all day long.

Then I would ask for peaceful rest,
To visit you at night,
And that your every morning,
Dawn shimmering and bright.

I would ask for nothing,
To give back to myself;
As long as you are happy,
I want for nothing else.

For just to see contentment,
On your face and know you're fine,
Would truly satisfy me,
And bring joy to this heart of mine.

If I could have my wishes,
If wishes did come true,
I'd wish for the sun and the moon and the stars,
And I'd give them all to you,

But At this time I need no wish,
Because now I am here with you by my side,
The world here In my arms tonight,
No need to be afraid no need to hide,

With this small not I come to a close,
But remember my love for everyday it grows,
I can barely contain it inside me self,


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