by Ky   Sep 14, 2020

Sitting in silence,
The deafening kind,
The one that quells the outside world,
And traps you in your mind,
My day of distraction,
Come once again,
Five years on and still I miss you,
As strongly as that day,
I know in theory,
I should find peace,
knowing you're at peace up there,
Yet somehow I cant shake it,
I cannot come to terms,
It's been five years,
I forgot your voice,
And still I haven't learned,
So to my father,
Safe up above,
I send you this,
Broken but with love,
In hopes these words will find you,
And not fall on deaf ears,
I love you,
Miss you,
Need you,
And will for all my years


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  • 10 months ago

    by Maple Tree


    You have written a poem that all can relate, however the way you have written just really uplifted me.. very touching poem!