His Battle Field

by Codie Lapae   Nov 20, 2020

Tick tock tick tock;
He's running out of precious time.
Bang go the guns;
Bullet shells falling into the blood dipped grass.
Boom go the life threatening bombs;
Black smoke smothering the once bright sky,
As the vultures sing their song of mock.
What used to be beautiful now looks like a dump
The clock starts to chime;
He's now breathing through blood-felt lungs.
Hiss goes the bombs of strange odored gass.
Now covering his mouth with his dirt covered palms,
He refuses to succumb and lifts himself up
For it's a battle against his own broken mind.

~Codie Lapae
Think of yourself as him, and replace every negative thing in the poem with every negative thing locked inside yourself. Be the hero of your own war.


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