Poor Me

by KHAN   Nov 26, 2020

When I look back over the years
I never find the poor me
I have always found a growing me
Yet the thoughts led me to tears.

The cry for relations
The music of grief
The call for loved ones
Have always driven me with fears.

The thoughts of being away
The glimpses of tears shed
The horror of the time passed
Bring me to the place of rears.

The beauty of eyes
The purity of love
The eternal charm I felt
Always give me power for cheers.

I know destiny is far
There is nothing which helps me
I know its tough to part
Yet trying to do the shears.

Almighty is here just for u
I am here for u both as well
Don't loose hope in life
And overcome all the fears.

I can always cry for u
I can always die for u
I can always keep numb
Remember I am always here and near.

Nothin I ever wanted from this life
Nothing I ever demanded
But there is always aspirations which follow
And we have to fulfill as it is very clear.

I have been a man ever
I have never sound like a coward
I always kept my promises
And never in my life I ever shiver.

But who will keep me strong
Who will prove me always wrong
Who will call me a fool
When I will walk with my queer.

I want to give u all what I can
Because nothing is ever being mine
Whatever I earned ever through
Wasn't used by me ever.

Once I had dream to travel to big cities
Now I travel to countries.
Once I dreamt to drive a car
Not airbuses take me here and there.

This is nothing more than the charisma
This is nothing more than the blessings
This is nothing beyond parents cries
That made me achieve forever.

I wish I will let you fly with me
I always thought to be together
I intend to give u a life
Full of emotions in the quiver


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