The Known Stranger

by KHAN   Jul 26, 2022

The Known Stranger!!
The night just got started
Me and home just got parted
On my way to a charity deed
I was driving slowly indeed.

Few meters were just gone
I was rather feeling moron
The lights were dim and roads alone
And I never expected that was shown.

I saw a shadow looking at me
I was not sure who was thee
My breaks were pressed and car stopped
Suddenly I got someone as destiny.

A blink of eye
Nothing to spy
Immortal emotions
From earth to sky.

I met you for the first time
When I never expected to
Can’t say anything else
Other than Who Are You !!

Your words were tender
Short and sweet
My mind was surrender
That’s worth a golden treat.

We moved on and on
The time began to fly
I never knew what has gone
Trust me there is no lie.

Mesmerized with your talks
I thought you are not new
Can’t have affinity with all
Believe me there are some few.

Forgot all my thoughts and things
Just let me flow without danger
Wish it could happen ever and ever
Meeting my KNOWN STRANGER !!


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Meena Krish

    An interesting night meeting ip with a stranger who captured your mind. A nice read, keep penning.

    • 1 year ago

      by KHAN

      Thanks Meena Krish.
      Indeed a sequel is posted today after I met my Known Stranger.
      Hope you will enjoy that too. !!