My Tiger, My Love

by Dark Lord   Dec 17, 2020

You are my tiger, I am your prey,
Waiting for you, on our bed I lay.

You pounce upon me, fierce and fast,
I push you back, wanting it to last.

You look at me, with a look of confusion,
I hold you close, relishing in our union.

Your skin is smooth and soft to the touch,
My mind, it whirls, when I'm in your clutch.

I lay you back, with grace and ease,
I tickle your belly, starting to tease.

Your body trembles, as I touch your skin,
Releasing the passion, from deep within.

Our bodies entwine, our love is strong,
These feelings we have, can't be wrong.

We become one, as I hold you near,
You are my life, I love you dear.

I am your husband, and you are my wife,
To have to hold, for the rest my life.



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