Broken Promises

by Dark Lord   Dec 21, 2020

Broken promises, crushing my dreams,
From deep inside, I just want to scream!

I opened myself up and let you in,
I felt something there, and let it begin.

The feelings they came, and began to fill me,
I wanted someone there, someone who could see.

The things inside me, they are real and so true,
I had all but given up, then these came and grew.

I thought I found it, so I took a chance,
Thinking it could be, made my heart dance.

But now I'm lost, I feel dazed and confused,
My emotions are rampant, my ego is bruised.

My thoughts are against me, telling me lies,
Do I listen, should I break all the ties?

Or do I hold out, and hope for the best?
Is this your way of putting me to a test?

Seeing if it's worth it, will I prove myself to you?
Can I withstand the waiting? Truthfully, I have no clue.

I'm trying my best, trying not to pry,
I send you a text, but get no reply.

It makes me wonder, it makes me question,
It ultimately adds, more to my depression.

So just be honest, and tell me the truth,
I'm being sincere, trying not to be uncouth.

What more can I do? What more can I say?
The feelings are fleeting, floating away.



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