No Longer Gold

by Kate   Dec 29, 2020

You’ll scratch at my surface until I’m tarnished and no longer gold.
You’ll throw me into your fire and tell me you’re trying to save my soul.
My emeralds don’t shine for you like they once did, my eyes have turned to rust.
You’ll poke and you’ll beat me but I’ve cried enough tears for both of us.
Now that I’m here, chained in your basement, what more could I possibly give?
You’ve drowned every hope and beautiful vision, and I have no wish to live.
Fighting with you is like fighting my demons, they always seem to win.
And no matter how hard I try to resist you, you always find your way in.
Boiling the blood beneath my skin now, you can see fear in my eyes.
The darkness inside you fades out of vision once I have finally died.


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