by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)   Dec 30, 2020

Twenty20 was not all gloom,
Neither was it the Year of Doom.
It also had good in plenty,
Everyone can mention 20.
I can list more than that,
First and foremost, I joined this Poems&Quotes platform,
Then reawakened my tradigital cartooning artform,
Using a technique I relied on 20 years ago.
It reboosted my ego.
A graduate fellow from 2006 listed me among the Best Cartoonists she knows,
My Ex-flame revealed to me that she had a deep crush on me, why she did it, only GOD knows.
Published two books on Kindle,
One by one makes a bundle.
I started Ugatoons,
Just to spice up the tunes.
Got the first customer outside Arua for my papersoil brickets,
Built a greens fence with white mosquito nets.
Arsenal won the FA Cup plus Community Shield.
The Mith's third album was well drilled.
Erica Mukisa Kimani gave us her fourth book,
You need to have a look!
Lewis Hamilton caught up with Michael Schumacher,
I became a box maker.
Found Trace Gospel TV!
To me, 2020 was beautiful,
That's why am grateful.


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