Our Wee Maw (heed) (Dedication to my Mother)

by Baby Rainbow   Jan 9, 2021

*My mum has been through so much in her life, and yet every single day she smiles to strangers and never once complains about what she ha been through. She is honestly amazing, inspiring and a true hero.
I write this poem for a surprise birthday party for her, where all our friends and family gathered, and this poem was read aloud to her for all to hear her story.

Appreciate your mum, she is stronger than you will ever know!
I hope you enjoy the read.

**In Scotland we have a special accent and lots of slang, so we endearingly call my mum, Maw- head, but in our accent, is pronounced Maw-heed **

Growing up, we never truly appreciated what we had,
we were simply four young kids,
always wanting a little more than your finances could give.
Unfair it felt back at the time,
but thank you for teaching us values in life
because I now appreciate everything that is mine.

Christmas Day was all about presents and toys,
at least that's what I thought until I was about eight years old.
That year, you brought a lonely old lady home from your work,
and what a lovely gift you gave Mrs Dix,
to offer her a family on Christmas day.
You taught your four kids that year that kindness is always free.

Always thinking of everybody else,
trying to make a difference to brighten up their life.
That is what makes us unbelievably proud
to have you as our wee maw and precious wife.

Asthma crashed viciously into our world,
almost succeeding in taking you away.
Over sixty debilitating attacks
sent you to hospital to stay.
Four kids left at home wondering when,
or if you would return,
but a husband beyond the strength of a rock,
always made sure we got to school,
had clothes on our backs and food on the table,
until we got our wee mum back.
This man deserves a medal of gold,
because we all know for a fact,
that our gentleman dad
is made from a unique mold.

Four Grandchildren came bursting into your grey cloud,
sprinkling hope and sunshine in your tired eyes,
lighting up your entire life.
They love their Granny dearly, with all of their little hearts,
and the power of their love was like magic,
washing your dreaded asthma into the past.

Your wings grew stronger and stronger,
and we knew how brave you were for never giving up,
even though we knew your mind and body
often wanted to so much.
You rose from the ashes of asthma,
like a phoenix being reborn,
and this is when we truly saw
the bravest angel that is our wee maw.

A heart attack that tried to break you,
was probably the biggest thing that helped make you.
You appreciated life all the more,
and taught your family that life is not here for us to ignore.
Your heart attack thankfully warned us
that cancer had came knocking upon your bowel's door,
but we all knew together we could kick it to the floor.

Then the blood clot in your brain
tried to take you from us again,
but the love that surrounded your heart
helped you survive through all that pain,
and thankfully it was warning us
that your cancer returning was to blame.

But it did not break you,
it did not take you,
it did not strike you down!
It made you stronger,
it made you braver,
it made you the Maw-heed we all treasure.
Even now, with your wonky weeping eye
that makes your eye sight blurry,
you still see the beauty in all of your children
and the potential they carry within them.
You are the strongest person that we all know,
the kindest soul with only love to show.

You make us laugh and make us smile.
You make us so proud every day
of the beautiful brave woman that you are.

You are:

A loyal friend.
A faithful sister.
A devoted wife to your soul mate forever.
A protective mother.
A fun nurturing granny.
The rock that keeps us all together.

You are:

Our Wee Maw-heed forever.




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  • 3 months ago

    by Star

    This is mind blowing, your mother is a real fighter. She has my respect!!!
    As I got older one thing I realized, is that one easy gift we could give our mothers is appreciation and understanding, it truly makes them happy. I’m sure she loved this!!
    I want to put this on the front page, hopefully I could nominate it next Monday :)