Accusations of an Evil Heart

by Baby Rainbow   Jan 9, 2021

You have been stealing from me since I can remember now,
and ever since then,
I knew we were slipping further and further apart,
but never in a million years would I ever have believed
that you would be the one who robbed
the very last piece of my shattered heart.

I will never be on your side of lies,
we both know that addicts can't tell the truth,
they lie with every single breath.

I bet you didn't know that your false accusations
have violated every shred of hope I ever had
of repairing us.
If only you knew the damage you have inflicted.

I guess it makes me cold and selfish for not caring much,
but I know in my heart that you will always lie,
and I will not be wasting my breath
begging you to have a sober heart.

I may be cold,
or maybe I am heartless,
but either way,
I would rather be sober and numb
than drunk and evil.




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