Childhood Stranger

by Baby Rainbow   Jan 9, 2021

Once upon a time
you were my everything,
now you are my childhood stranger
whom I barely recognise,
because once upon a winter,
a life of secrets was exposed,
a life of lies you had told.

I think you have become so lost,
trapped somewhere between
not knowing the truth and forgetting the truth,
now you have nowhere to run.

Are you too messed up to remember,
or are you so drunk
that you become so disconnected from your heart
that you don't care how much you mess me up?

Carry on saying what you want to say,
stutter over every drop,
but I am warning you now,
I am ready to leave,
and since I have already left you
so many times before,
this time,
once I'm gone,
you will never see me walking back trough the door.




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