by Baby Rainbow   Jan 9, 2021

I pretend to be unafraid of the future,
but the tide is dragging me under,
never knowing when I will drown.

I refuse to be young and heartbroken,
holding onto unforgivable lies
and unforgettable secrets.

A heart haunted by the truth,
haunted by the hidden secrets
and hurtful memories.

Crying silently because my tears were torn to pieces,
by every deadly secret,
which is now a deleted memory
behind the closed doors of the real me.

Yo u will never see a heartbroken girl behind my eyes,
because tears don't fall when you learn
to forget all of your memories,
and let blackness crash,
swallowing you whole.

People spend years trying to fix you,
but there is just too much pain
that time cannot erase.

I will not be removing my mask,
nor will I be learning to love.

I will be keeping my eyes closed,
believing my own lies,
because at least then if I get hurt,
I will be the only one to blame.




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