Loneliness Beneath His Thumb

by Baby Rainbow   Feb 14, 2021

I do not need you in my life,
nor do I want you to be any part of it.
I could not care less if you live in denial,
but I am always curious as to how much more
you will let him take from you.

I question again and again,
what could possibly make you pick a monster over us?
Did you ever truly want to leave,
or have you hidden yourself so far behind his curtain of darkness
that you no longer know that anything outside exists?

I will not just forget when you stand by him,
that you were not under the curse of his evil,
but maybe held the curse of being evil!

When will it be easier for you to accept what people say?
Stop wondering what life is true
when all the evidence is staring right at you.
You signed away your life, your heart and soul,
yet every time I see you returning,
just for him to keep taking more.

To be constantly walking on eggshells,
unable to string a sentence together,
so you stay completely silent,
because that is how he has taught you to be.

You will never be able to claim your lost and found,
he will make you lie in the bed that you helped him make.

Perhaps then,
you will know how it feels,
to be completely alone and broken,
without seeing the end in sight.




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