Craving Red

by Baby Rainbow   Feb 14, 2021

Aching thoughts of you get me caught up in this weak moment,
almost making you real,
then it all disappears like dust,
realising I am on my own again.

Tears flood my eyes as I try so hard
to surrender the glass I know as my familiar friend.

I believed I could never feel the winter cold whilst I was alive,
because I was already frozen inside,
but then I feel a touch of heat rising through the deep frost
and suddenly I am weak nevermore.

Crave not these temptations,
to embrace it's cold edge which could release the anger
that has been building up inside of me.

Trace the lightning into my body,
with new skin which must not look forever red like it used to,
with an aching hope that it might help me forget this unbearable pain.

I do not want to slip the knot
and fall through my own promises,
but I am officially numb,
and I can't do this anymore
without feeling the cravings for red
to get me through the coldest winter of my life.




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