Flying Free

by Baby Rainbow   Feb 14, 2021

I spent half a life not being able to breathe,
never feeling that I could ever be free.
I was the hopeless outsider for half a life,
but I can now walk down the street
without looking over my shoulder,
without fear in my pocket.

The road ahead is not entirely flat,
but I'm prepared for every pot hole and every bend.
There is no point hiding any more,
I can write about my life of sin,
and still never care about what people think,
because I know I 'm now free.

You safely assumed I couldn't run
beyond your echoing recalls without a struggle,
but I am fiercely close to seeing the bigger picture.
My feet are firmly on the ground
of a life that you tried to steal from me.

I may be flying blind in a place relatively new,
but at least I am using my own wings,
the ones you thought were clipped.

this is the starting line to the rest of my life,
and you are not invited!




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