by Shah   Feb 24, 2021

Creepy voices in a dark place
Coming near and trying to scare

Sarcastic laughter filling my ears
Black shadows surrounding me

Shady creatures trying to encircle
Glowing blood red eyes watching

Hypnotising flashes catching attention
Nearing danger luring from far and near

Come and get me if you dear I shout
A death stare looking down at them

Naked swords bling in my both hands
Sharp edges eager to cut into pieces

Whom of you wants to be the first one
Your pieces are about to turn into ashes

If you came to intimidate then remember
You try your best but will not succeed

Death I already wished and if you do so
Step ahead and get your wish come true

Right here I am standing not running away
Stop dancing around waisting more time

Came just to scare me in my dream
Didn't you see I have nothing to loose

Death is a gift and a release in my eyes
An exit from the sufferings I go through

A transition into the eternal afterlife
Freedom of the soul caged in this body

Dying for me will be a honourable exit
Finally will be released from this nightmare


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