ONE in the Same (Ending)

by East Poetry   Mar 9, 2021

STOP - before reading this poem, please note... this is the Ending to the original poem. I had to make a new title because the original is very long, very long indeed. So just keep that in mind. You might want to read it first. or if this intrigues you first... thats ok too. Thanks

ONE in the Same (Ending)

Strangely...Before you reach the door,
Your soulmate disappears.
You stop in your confusion,
as if it's all unclear.

Abruptly then, you hear a voice,
coming from above.
it fills you with a calming peace,
as if made from purest love.

"My precious child, My precious child"
you've found there is "no" void.
You must be among the noble.
and of this I'm over joyed."

"You've discovered the magic of my infinity,
you've opened up the door.
You've looked upon, and through the deep,
to find this special Spirit at its core."

This Spirit is the key to existence,
the same key that was to Mine.
A something that I found,
and a something you too will find.

It's this I'll gladly teach you
about this particular ingredient to "life"
It's the existence of a soul mate,
Yes...a husband to a wife.

It is a gift... I give to all,
and it's a very special gift.
to share existence with your soul mate
whom will forever "IN" you uplift.

You've gone inside and witnessed,
the knowledge that I keep.
Seen the beginning of existence
and how a Spirit fills the deep.

And yes, together with one purpose,
Our cause is ONE in SAME
Where together in our infinite love
My Begotten's Son was made.

Tis He...the first of matter
Beget from "Our" transcendency.
the Light of ALL Existence
through him are children free.

All kept pure and one with Me,
through My First Begottens name.
a price He chose to willingly pay
I spoke... and thus He came.

Romans 12:4-5
Acts 17:28
John 14:10
John 17: 20-23
D&C 50:43

If you missed the beginning of the Poem
Please see my Poem Titled "One in the Same" (Was so long... I had to put the ending here)


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