by Kyle   Mar 15, 2021

I used to think I knew what it was back then. It’s was so clear to me.
The feelings that came after only magnified what I’d seen.
I could walk in the rain and see a thousand yards.
I could run on those feelings. I could play every card.
Memories were strong and I was responsible for most.
I had never imagined they would follow me so close.
Through years and years they danced in my head.
I was molded by those memories, but I’ve learned to love another instead.
Images of us during that summertime dream were replaced by my dedication. They became Faithfully clean.
I’ve cried and cried and let you go so many times but constructed dreams always turn it into reality.
I’ve never been one of letting go and I’m so thankful you were strong enough for us both.
I’ve never doubted you one bit, a restless soul is hard to hold. Just like that sign CAUTION WEN WET.
Slippery you were so I learned to let it be. Obviously fate made you unhappy with me.
I’ve became an enemy to you because I had to keep my distance. Wasn’t your fault. I was just a kid then.
I used to think I knew what it was back then for us. Today though I see. It was only lust...


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