by Kyle   Apr 20, 2009

He wraps an arm around her like a shield. "I won't let you go". With a gun in his hand, he waits and smiles. "This bastard will die". The room is cold, yet the sweat bleeds out. The door opens and he points. The Monster just stares back. Disbelieved at what he see's. "Do you really think you can be a man, son"? The boy just stands. His body calm and numb. The grip on the girl and the gun, tight, strong. He cocks the trigger. "Try me". The Monster steps forward and the boy twitches. He knows the truth. The bruises thick and swollen. Her face, scratched and bleeding. She's still as stone. Waiting for the worst. The man steps again. This time his body stiffens. Not with fear but with revenge. The Monster stops. His eyes widen with the truth. He knows the boy will shoot. "Back away and leave". His voice cold and hoarse. His eyes dark as cole. The Monster just leers. Sweat protruding from his face. "I SAID LEAVE!" He yells. His voice, shaky and dry. Sirens in the distance. Leaking through the open window behind. They'll be here soon. The Monster backs away and leaves. The front door slams and the car drives off. tires squealing on the asphalt. He lowers the gun slowly to his side. never loosening his grip on it or the girl. All is done, and he's forever changed. Once a boy, now a Man. In his sisters eyes, the Protector. In the Monster's eyes, his son. In all of you, a Fear.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Grace

    This is really great! but i would have shot that S.O.B =] 5/5