What I would do for you

by Kyle   Mar 23, 2009

Some would write a note, some would write a letter. Some would say a quote, to make that one fell better. Some would say aloud what they really felt inside, and some would just hold it all in until they finally died. Some would laugh aloud, and some would just smile, some would take you by the hand and hug you for a while. Alot of ways to show your feelings to the one you say you love, is nothing compared to what I would do for this very special one. Cause in return for all those things you didn't have to do, I would out do those simple things that other people choose.

By writing a note or sending a letter they only explain on paper, I would etch it in marble stone to explain it to you better. And instead of a quote I would write a sonnet, and leave my message hidden inside. and revel to you what I'm really saying by acting out each line. And words directly said aloud would be nice for someone else, but me I would sing and dance in lights to show you how I felt. For the ones who leave there love hidden in there resting hearts inside, I would simply whisper "I love you" in your ear before I died. And yes you would see me smile, and yes you would hear me laugh, but as for taking your hand and hugging I would simply just hold you tight until you were completly relaxed.

And so the next time your feeling tired of always being true, just relax and let me help with what I would do for you.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Kyle

    Damn such a good poem. Wonder who wrote it. LOL

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