The new guy

by El_Mabini   Mar 23, 2021

Down the stairs, cold smooth tile felt under my feet,
as I eagerly waved my hand back and forth,
hoping to avoid the annoying morning heat,
but the new guy still looked happy doing some effort.

“What’s up, dude?” he greeted like we were that close.
“Want to sit down there?” he acted like a party host.
Long pause, a blank stare, silent nod, nothing more.
To face him, I grabbed the seat I don’t know what for.

The new guy seemed to know how summer smell,
How it sounded, how it should felt, he knew it too well.
“Why did you like her?” I asked between the sound of crackling ice.
“Let me tell you a story.” he smiled that looked surprised.

The air-cooled as the buzzing blender halted.
“A glass of summer surprise to pair, boy” he joyfully offered.
“Back to where it all started, I once had my beloved-”
He gazed at the window. “But suddenly my life got absurd.”

Curiosity fueled my mind as the drink filled my mouth.
“Why? She hates sweet drinks?” I found myself asking again.
“I’m childless buddy.” His smile went to the south.
“Well, I guess God wants me to learn from this burden.”

He raised his glass to wash his cracking voice.
“But that’s okay, I found you two.” he suddenly rejoiced.
“You two accepted me.” he continued to cheer.
The new guy started to make things clear.

“Thank you also for loving, Mom.” and I raised my glass.
“At least she’ll be loved not just once but twice.”
First time in years but the new guy impressed me.
He knew the way to the heart is to the belly.

“You made my summer taste good with this smoothie,
I bet you’ll be a good dad and husband too.
You should marry her.” he suddenly his arms around me.
Sobs echoed between his repeated words “Thank you.”


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