Damsel in Distress

by I'm_Trippy   Mar 23, 2021

The Queen ended her shift and finally took her rest.
The king of darkness arises to show his best.
His sparkling knights made the dark sky bright.
And the night singers shrill melodically with delight.

There she was, lying still on the place of slumber.
Because Mr. Sandman hasn't come yet to visit her.
If she had not drunk her night caffeine.
Her overthinking would not do its nightly routine.

The clock watched her while it continued its tic-tock sound.
And she heard again the howl of the hound.
She always hates it when everyone went silent
Because she could hear again her deep lament. happens

A man in suit and tie slowly waltz his way
"Can you please dry your eyes?" He said in dismay
"Let me caress you my damsel in distress"
It was Mr. Sandman in his nice dress

He joined the damsel in her cozy place.
He let her pain flow down her innocent face.
He slowly stroke his fingers to her silky strands.
As she stretched her arms to hold his hands.

His melodic humming always brought her peace.
Her warring state decided again to feel ease.
Her pillows were again saved from drowning.
Her lips formed a smile again and not wailing.

The damsel in distress was no more
The clock told him again that it was time to go.
He left again the damsel in her slumber.
She was again no more an all-nighter.

The dark is gone and the morning has come.
The birds woke everybody in their home.
They will be going to use the energy they gained.
But for her, she has just forgotten her pain.


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