I just want to know Mother

by El_Mabini   Mar 23, 2021

"Roses are red, violets are blue,
even if you're now dead, I will always love you."
Those are the words she said,
as she mourned her husband's death.

Wise men always say that one fateful day,
our dear soulmate will be brought by our fate.
But if the other one, lost their love for the other,
everything will be gone, they are no longer lovers.

So how can she say those, if she was the reason?
Why does he accept that he lost, and he chose not to live on?
If she hadn't found another, maybe they were still lovers,
who still care for each other, and get old together.

Maybe his love for her wasn't enough to win her over.
Maybe she craves more, but he couldn't give it to her.
So he decided to lose her, he knows she'll be happier.
He was her lover, and she was his lost treasure.

We know you did give him your love and he gave what he had.
but did you lose your love for Father? or he was just getting sicker?
Did it make him weaker? or your love for him is getting colder
I’m not your hater, I just want to know Mother.


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