the stars secret storys

by danni_101   Apr 8, 2021

some nights, i look up to the stars,
so bright, yet far away,
yet i know by morning they`ll be gone,
but i wish that they would stay.

i`d stare at them all day and night,
i`d make myself a chart,
their shape, their size their stories too,
i`d learn them all by heart.

for they say our futures in the stars,
written with their ight,
on the inky black of empty space,
where it echoes in the night.

who will i be, i want to ask
but their much to far away,
that even if they answered me,
i wouldn`t hear the words they say.

but i`ll wait and watch them every night,
for endless spots of time,
until i learn the words they say,
and their secret becomes mine.


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