past, present, future

by danni_101   Apr 8, 2021

the past is just behind us,
a shadow in our wake,
and while it may define us,
the future is ours to make.

the past is full of regret,
of things we didn`t do,
or maybe that we did,
and left us wishing we could start new.

the present is full of questions,
of not knowing what is best,
we just know we need to get it right,
like life`s some kind of test,

the future is something we dream,
something we plan for,
we can make sure we have fun,
so it won`t feel like a chore.

past, present, future,
in the end their all the same,
all just periods of time,
with a different name.


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  • 1 week ago

    by Keira Pickard

    I really enjoyed this. It's true - the future is ours to decide. At some point, the past was the present to us and we made our decisions then. Anyway, a great opening poem. Though perhaps in the second line of the last stanza you meant ' they're'?
    Welcome to poems and quotes!

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