Wonky Wheels

by Walter   Apr 8, 2021

I head to my favourite shopping mall
This place is huge and has it all
I've made such a long shopping list
Of every item I have missed

Outside the trolleys are all stacked
I take the first one in the rack
And push it along the polished floor
Heading towards the shopping store

But something is not quite right
The trolley is wobbly although still light
When looking down it then reveals
I picked a trolley with wonky wheels

I roll my eyes and sound a sigh
But convinced it will get me by
Although I have to concentrate
As I try to keep this thing straight

In the store it's then I see the sign
A red light sale I can't decline
I rush to be the first in the queue
My trolley did not share this view

Its path would just ricochet
From all it hit along the way
And collide into another cart
A competitor and counterpart

And neither of us were impressed
Out trolleys jackknifed and left us stressed
She began cursing off the rails
Because we both now missed the sale

I apologized and tried to reverse
But my trolley just made it worse
And swerved into some cans stacked high
So down the aisle they all rolled by

Everyone just stopped to stare
I blamed my trolley which was still bare
Although they only shook their head
As I carefully just moved ahead

Straight for the pharmacy aisle
My headache now off the dial
In my trolley the tablets bounced
As it continued to dart and pounce

To the express lane I checked out
But my trolley still had doubts
Here I lost all my morale
My trolley now wedged like the Suez Canal


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