Day 12

by Everlasting   Apr 14, 2021

Some times, it’s hard to breath the idea
that the sky is grey. It used to be as blue
as the ocean. With clouds of different
shapes and colors. But now, it’s always grey.
Grandma used to say her hair turned grey
due to old age.

It’s the year 3059.

The ocean is drying up. No rain falls.
There’s salty grounds everywhere.
The sun ceased to sent warmed greetings
Now, everyday he comes uninvited
Scorching whatever its rays touch

People used to say
the sky was a reflection of the ocean
and vice versa. And since the ocean
is almost gone, I guess

We must bid adieu to the sky above

Prompt: Day twelve: year 3059, the sky is grey and the ocean is drying up


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