Set Me Free

by Jay Colon   May 4, 2021

You know this ain’t right

I fought for you
I didn’t want to let go
I wanted to see
if you were the one for me

had your friend hit me up
you try to be with me
I couldn’t say no
everyone deserves a second chance

You broke this love to be
you took my soul
you cant be the one for me

too many lies
too many times
you wasted my time

took all this time
to open my eyes

I’m going to be honest
I want to show you
I care about you

I don’t want to let go
I don’t want to stop texting or calling
I want to be with you

you are unique and special to me
you are important to me
I value you
I miss you so much

Translates the beginning of your deception

I want to disappear
I don’t care
I’m going ghost

no reply or no call back
f you
you mean nothing to me

too many lies
too many time
you wasted my time

I don’t wanna know
My heart can’t take it anymore
Just set me free


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