Sleepless Night

by Jay Colon   May 4, 2021

On this sleepless night
More falling tears
Another broken heart

Overflowing with pain and disappointment
Illusions of my future wife

Only to be my muse
To a broken dream
Set to be a fantasy
Connected to her temporary emotions

You can’t be interested
Also be inconsistent
You can’t push me away
Think it’s bringing us closer

You can’t say
I don’t want it to end like this
It ends just like that

How did I get this lucky?
That everyone leaves
Kept a blind eye
Whispers from an angel

I don’t want to lose you
You have my attention
I just want you

I am ready for a relationship
I am ready to settle down
I want to have kids with you

I am not letting you go
I will always be here

How did I believe so many lies?
When I wasn’t a priority


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