Echoes Of Love:

by Scott Cole   Jul 6, 2021

It's morse code
Between two thumping hearts,
A beating affection
Amongst a pair of sweethearts.

A telepathic language
With mutual soundwaves,
That romanticly pulsates
Within platonic airwaves.

It's a heartfelt reflection
A relayed love affair,
An emotional vibration
That two individuals share.

It's a breath of fresh air
A whisper in the wind,
A vocal collaboration
That resonates from within.

It's a delay of sound
Between communicating souls,
A repeatitive love call
That intimately tolls.

It's a poetic jingle
With rhythm and rhyme,
A song of passion
That poeticly chimes.

It's echoes of love
That connects the airspace,
Between two distant lovers
To keep them embraced.


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