23 lines for 23 years

by M. Rene'   Jul 15, 2021

I have no idea
why I'm suprised
you couldn't be
bothered to call
on my birthday.

Not this year.
Or any of the
last six, either.

This is nothing new -
but birthdays are
supposed to be
everything the rest
of the year cannot -
birthday wishes...
or something

And yet, the one
thing I wanted
more than anything

was to hear your
voice drifting through
wires - too good at
keeping us apart

one more time.

-M. Rene' AKA SincerelyBlueJay Poetry I wrote this at 2 am last night (as I turned 23 by time zone conversion standards), and maybe I'll edit it someday. For now, it can live here. In hopes the right wires connect us, one more time.


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