Flip a Coin (workshop poem)

by M. Rene'   Jun 14, 2021

Someone's packing their bags
which one of us will it be?

Either way, there's still ink singing -
even swaddled in lazy afternoons
as we wonder about
evening coffee dancing
and cold purple lies or
spilling or
whispering or

flooding the entire
home we shared.

Who's leaving this time?

-M. Rene' AKA SincerelyBlueJay Poetry 2021

This is from the final week of Sabrina Benaim's Workshop Button up
We studied Rachel Wiley poetry and this is in her style using the
economy of language and word choice to it's fullest advantages.

The prompt for this was to use 1 noun adjective pairing, 1 adjective verb pairing, 1 adjective adjective noun pairing, 1 noun noun ver pairing, 3 uses of "or" and keep it under 20 lines (not including space between stanzas) and in any order for the criteria.


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  • 7 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Love this. Great to read new work from you.

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