Only In My Words

by Domenico Sottile   Aug 13, 2021

Only In My Words

In my words
you found a dream
In our event
never again
I was what I seem
for it is I
who makes my miracles
and do not consider it odd
if of my life
I am the god

My strong thirst for passion
of my needs the stream
and never again I
appeared to you
as you saw me
so erased
by my thirst
-You see-

The most beautiful things
we do
we never tell
to anyone
you stroke all the cords
What I could have been
you only found
in my words

I do not know why
I never told you
-dear hon-
you were
one of the best things
I have ever done

And yet
now it seems
only in my words
you found your dreams
I will never know
I should not cry


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