by Anderson (Andy) Fletcher   Aug 16, 2021


I don’t know why I give a damn
I don’t know why I try
Sometimes I think it’s all a scam
To make some people die

How many times have they been caught
Yet no one wants to see
We’d rather let our freedom rot
Than stand up and be free

A politician wants to rule
They do not want to serve
The lies they tell the average fool
Are what they all deserve

Shut up and wear that silly mask
And do what we demand
We shouldn’t even have to ask
Just follow our command

Your freedom is what we endow
Your lives have all been bought
You have the rights that we allow
So get the bloody shot

Is that the world we’re living in
Where we have lost our choice
Must we fight freedom’s war again
To simply have a voice

I will if that is what it takes
To live free in this land
I cannot think of higher stakes
To make us take a stand

I guess that’s why I give a damn
And why I have to try
To give up freedom for a sham
I think I’d rather die


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