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  • His name is Moshe Spiegelman,
    A programmer by trade...

  • We’ve seen the images of war
    Throughout Eastern Ukraine...

  • It was a grand celebration!
    And a royal coronation...

  • Hey there girl, does your mother know?
    When you left, did she see you go...

  • My brother was a caring man.
    He loved his family...

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  • The nation which remains neutral during times of aggression against her, will never bring the leaders of that aggression to justice. For the one who remains on his own side of the chessboard, will never face anything more than pawns.

    18 years ago
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  • The one who is closest to God is the one farthest from man.

    18 years ago
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  • A fool believed the sword was mightier than the pen. They found him dead, still clutching his sword, with a pen sticking out of his neck. The moral; a pen in the hands of someone trained to use it, is mightier than a sword in the hands of a fool.

    18 years ago
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